Cowboy ft. Signal Froyd

Music video collaboration with Signal Froyd and Damascus Apparel. Rival hackers battle it out in a cyberpunk inspired futuristic landscape of shredding synths and neon lights.


Thank you to everyone that made this film possible!

Production Company: Workproduct
Director: Yates Holley
Executive Producer: Yates Holley
Production Coordinator: Ben Webber
DP: Yates Holley, Mike Campbell
Camera: Mike Campbell, Yates Holley, Anthony Jimenez, Jason Zeni
Editor: Jason Zeni
Color: Nick Sanders
VFX: Workproduct
Projection Mapping: Master of Shapes
Projection Equipment: VT Production Design
Video Wall:
Video Wall Graphics: Dan Dowding
Poster Design: Yates Holley

Cast: Kaitlin Marianelli, Austin Moreno, Jennie Jaturapatporn, Quest Hawk, Lyman Lamm, David Abeylon, JR Dominguez

Dancers: Mai Nguyen, Anna Lay, Ashley Hsieh, Ian Embry, Jade Knoop, Bao Voung, Anthony Jimenez, Doug Bruso, Michael Dupon, Ben Webber

1st AD: Jason Zeni
Clothing: Damascus Apparel
MUA: Patricia Densing, Lucas Palacio
Hair: Austin Moser
Storyboard: John Hadi
PA: Anthony Jiminez, Chris Martz
Track: “Cowboy” – Signal Froyd

Signal Froyd
Damascus Apparel
Media Pollution